Handler is a almost same as a RequestHandler in ask-sdk.

import { RequestHandler } from 'ask-sdk-core';

export const HelloWorldIntentHandler: RequestHandler = {
    async canHandle(handlerInput) {
        if (handlerInput.requestEnvelope.request.type !== 'IntentRequest') return false       
        return handlerInput.requestEnvelope.request.intent.name === "HelloWorldIntent"
    async handle(handlerInput) {
        return handlerInput.responseBuilder
            .speak("Hello! It's a nice development. How are you?").reprompt("How are you?")

export default HelloWorldIntentHandler

Generate by CLI

We can easy to create a new handler file from TalkyJS CLI.

$ talky g handler HelloWorld
? What type do you handle the request? IntentRequest
? Which type do you want to write SSML? default
CREATE src/HelloWorldIntent/HelloWorldIntent.handler.ts (640 bytes)
CREATE src/HelloWorldIntent/tests/HelloWorldIntent.handler.spec.ts (1122 bytes)

Add Handler to TalkyJS

TalkyJS can add ask-sdk Handler by same API.

import { SkillFactory } from '@talkyjs/core'
import HelloWorldIntentHandler from './HelloWorldIntent/HelloWorldIntent.handler'

export const handler = SkillFactory.launch()

The example is the same as the following example.

import { CustomSkillFactory } from 'ask-sdk-core'
import HelloWorldIntentHandler from './HelloWorldIntent/HelloWorldIntent.handler'

export const handler = CustomSkillFactory.init()
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